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Zola deployment with Gitea Actions and Rsync

Gitea now has a native support for Actions, which is a clone of GitHub Actions with the same syntax. Since Drone CI – which was the topic of an older article – seems to get slowly abandoned by upstream and Gitea Actions are now stable, it is a good idea to switch.


Zola website deployment with Drone CI

NOTE: This article is outdated and superseded by native Gitea Actions.

Zola is my SSG of choice, as it it fast, powerful and packed in a single statically linked binary. Here is how I use with in conjunction with Drone CI for automatic building and deployment to my webserver.


Taking screenshots with shotgun and slop

I have been having problems with scrot and its -c option for selecting a part of the screen. It glitched most of the time and rendered selection borders in the screenshot itself. I have decided to switch to something new – shotgun.


Fractional display scaling on X11

X11 supports fractional scaling perfectly well, but most GUI toolkits don’t implement it properly. Scaling works fine in a pure QT environment, but when using other GUI toolkits (such as GTK+), things don’t work as expected due to them being poorly written. This article describes several methods of universal mixed display scaling with broken GUI toolkits and a simple window manager (dwm).