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101, I Salute You

There once was this nice place bearing the name “101”. Sadly, it is gone now, but it will always remain a place of many stories and adventures.


Zola deployment with Gitea Actions and Rsync

Gitea now has a native support for Actions, which is a clone of GitHub Actions with the same syntax. Since Drone CI – which was the topic of an older article – seems to get slowly abandoned by upstream and Gitea Actions are now stable, it is a good idea to switch.


Zola website deployment with Drone CI

NOTE: This article is outdated and superseded by native Gitea Actions.

Zola is my SSG of choice, as it it fast, powerful and packed in a single statically linked binary. Here is how I use with in conjunction with Drone CI for automatic building and deployment to my webserver.


How we hacked the school voice announcement system

Me and some of my students have been spending free time in one of our classrooms, as we usually do, and we started thinking about hacking the ancient school voice announcement system – injecting a custom signal and playing our own audio throughout the whole building.


Taking screenshots with shotgun and slop

I have been having problems with scrot and its -c option for selecting a part of the screen. It glitched most of the time and rendered selection borders in the screenshot itself. I have decided to switch to something new – shotgun.


Fractional display scaling on X11

X11 supports fractional scaling perfectly well, but most GUI toolkits don’t implement it properly. Scaling works fine in a pure QT environment, but when using other GUI toolkits (such as GTK+), things don’t work as expected due to them being poorly written. This article describes several methods of universal mixed display scaling with broken GUI toolkits and a simple window manager (dwm).


Classic keyboard mod

Starting with the 30 series, ThinkPads got a new modernized keyboard and many poeple dislike it. Do not take me wrong, it is not a bad keyboard, but when compared to the older model, it has a plethora of issues. Luckily, it can be replaced with the classic 10–20 series keyboard.