Emil Miler

101, I Salute You

There once was this nice place bearing the name “101”. Sadly, it is gone now, but it will always remain a place of many stories and adventures.

Many people have come and gone, and not one could say that their visit was anything but ordinary. Bar fights, drinks – anything goes.

I was there on the final night before the bar’s demise, delivered in a car boot right into the start of a celebration frenzy. Rue the day all of you who decided to stay at home. I lost 50% of my trousers, my guitar chordbook turned to liquid, and most of it had dematerialized come morning. People were so plastered that their speech could not be understood, or in the worst case, could not get off the floor, though their drink never spilled – a fair skill. Truly a night to remember, although most people present likely don’t.


2024-05-06, Emil Miler